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Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile

If you are looking for a very durable and waterproof floor, this is what you want.  Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a scratch/indentation resistant, waterproof, and sound absorbing option for your next flooring remodel.  CFS has a huge sample selection of different lines of Luxury Vinyl Flooring.  Luxury Vinyl Flooring has become one of the most commonly used products for both remodels and new construction projects.  

 Please see the list below.

Shaw Logo
Shaw Luxury Vinyl in Fort Wayne, IN
Shaw Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Shaw's webpage.
Shaw produces many different styles of luxury vinyl floors to choose from. They have something to fit every budget. Shaw now has a feature on their site called Floorvana. With Floorvana you can upload a picture of the area you want to have your new planks or tiles installed and see it before you make your decision!

Mannington Logo
Timeless Designs in Fort Wayne, IN
Timeless Designs Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Timeless Designs' page.
Timeless Designs has a huge selection of different qualities and styles to choose from in their line of products. Timeless Designs offers some very unique and trendy styles.

Earthwerks Logo
Earthwerks in Fort Wayne, IN
Earthwerks Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Earthwerks' page.
Earthwerks has many options to choose your new floor from. CFS currently only samples the Stadium collection, but there are many other options to see!

MSI Logo
MSI Everlife in Fort Wayne, IN
MSI Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see MSI's page.
MSI has many affordable options to choose from. They have a line that allows you to pick the color you want in many different sizes, wear layers, and price points. MSI does this to make sure you get the floor you want for the price you need. MSI has many different visualizer tools on the website as well. You can select a bathroom, countertop, stacked stone, etc and customize the look to get comfortable with the products before you purchase for your own project.

Casabella Floors Logo
Casabella in Fort Wayne, IN
Casabella Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Casabella's page.
Casabella has a lot of wood and tile styles to choose your new floor from. CFS has multiples displays from Casabella and offers their complete line of Luxury Vinyl Floors. Casabella has some products with a cork backing to help keep things quieter. Casabella has a local distributor here in Fort Wayne which helps keep shipping costs to a minimum.

NextFloor Logo
NextFloor in Fort Wayne, IN
NextFloor Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see NextFloor's luxury vinyl page.
NextFloor has various wood and tile look options for your project. You can even see them in your own room by uploading a picture of the room.

Karndean Floors Logo
Karndean in Fort Wayne, IN
Karndean Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Karndean's luxury vinyl page.
Karndean has various wood and stone look options for your project. The click options even have attached padding. Karndean has glue down, looselay, and click (floating) flooring options for both commercial and residential projects. Karndean is well known for durability. Karndean now has a feature to upload your own pictures and see their floors in your own home.

Mohawk Floors Logo
Karndean in Fort Wayne, IN
Mohawk Luxury Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Mohawk's luxury vinyl page.
Mohawk is a very well known manufacturer in the flooring industry. They have earned their place among the industry as one of the premier brands. They have a program that allows you to upload a picture of your room to see the floor before you buy. Their luxury vinyl products are extremely durable and a great option for your next project.

Pros of Luxury Vinyl

  • Luxury Vinyl floors are much harder than their sheet vinyl cousins.
  • Luxury Vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Luxury Vinyl floors are a great way to create a more realistic look.
  • Luxury Vinyl floors are typically much easier to install and can be a great DIY option or done professionally at a lower cost than other hard floors
  • Luxury Vinyl flooring can put your mind at ease knowing that it is 100% waterproof!
  • Luxury Vinyl floors can save you money on floor prep or subfloor work when you go with a floating option.
  • Luxury Vinyl floors are much quiet than their laminate counterparts.
  • Luxury Vinyl flooring is a warmer floor underfoot than a ceramic or porcelain tile.

Cons of Luxury Vinyl

  • Luxury Vinyl floors do not add to the value of your home.
  • Luxury Vinyl floors are not as warm as carpeted floors.
  • Luxury Vinyl floors which need to be glued down instead of floated, must be prepped properly since they contour to your subfloor and any imperfections.