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Sheet Vinyl Manufacturers

CFS orders and stocks sheet vinyl from a couple of different companies.  Please see the list below.

Shaw Logo
Shaw Sheet Vinyl in Fort Wayne, IN
Shaw Sheet Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Shaw's webpage.
Shaw produces many different styles of affordable sheet vinyl to choose from. Shaw now has a page on their site called Floorvana. With Floorvana you can upload a picture of the area you want to have sheet vinyl installed and see it before you make your purchase!

Tarkett Logo
Tarkett Sheet Vinyl in Fort Wayne, IN
Tarkett Sheet Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Tarkett's webpage.
Tarkett has many qualities and patterns of sheet vinyl. They have recently revamped their display with styles and colors to keep up with today's latest trends.

Beauflor Logo
BeauFlor Sheet Vinyl in Fort Wayne, IN
Beauflor Blacktex Sheet Vinyl
Click the photo above to see Beauflor's webpage.
Beauflor has many patterns ofsheet vinyl to select from in their Blacktex line. Their products come 13'2" wide to help avoid seams. Blacktex is one of the most durable sheet vinyl options you can buy.

Pros to Sheet Vinyl

  • Vinyl sheet provides a relatively affordable flooring solution in comparison to other hard surface flooring.
  • Vinyl sheet floors are typically much easier to install at a lower cost than other hard floors.
  • Vinyl sheet flooring can put your mind at ease knowing that it is waterproof!
  • Vinyl sheet floors are easy to maintain and are very difficult to stain.
  • Vinyl sheet floors are more comfortable underfoot than other hard surfaces.

Cons to Sheet Vinyl

  • Vinyl sheet is a softer floor and over time heavy furniture and appliances can leave indentations and if not properly moved can be gouged.
  • Vinyl sheet floors do not have the longevity of other hard floor options.
  • Vinyl sheet floors can be less lifelike than other options.
  • Vinyl sheet floors must be properly prepped before installation.  Since it contours to your subfloor, the imperfections left behind will begin to show through your new floor.